On Crookston's south end, Early Bird Sale, Pirate fall athletics, local festivals, and the Wilf saga...

Crookston’s south end is a great place to be
The south end of Crookston sometimes feels like the middle of the country. The air is clean and noise is minimal. Not much is going on besides kids riding bike, dogs barking and cars driving by. We have some great businesses to work at and fun parks to bring the little ones. There's even a cool place to hang out with the fur babies. As we see the north end growing more each day with their exciting venues and restaurants, people tend to forget about us in the south. It is a great place to buy a house and raise a family. When real estate opens up, remember to keep the far end of town in mind.

Get up early and get some deals
Lost amid the Ox Cart Days Festival Week shuffle is the fact that Tuesday, Aug. 13 is the Earl Bird Sale at various Crookston merchants. Back in the day, if you got up super-duper early, you could really get some amazing deals. These days with the sale, if you’re out and about shopping by 6:30 a.m. or so, you’re going to save some significant money on a variety of items at participating stores. And if you’re not an early bird, most sales continue until 9:30 a.m., just not quite at the level they were at earlier in the morning. Check out the Saturday, Aug. 10 Valley Shopper for more details before you go bargain hunting.

Time to get psyched for Pirate fall athletic teams
Say goodbye to summer. Fall sports kicked off today and the season aren't far behind. Instead of catching rays at the lake it's time to get your tan in the stands. All the sports begin practice today with football held to conditioning. Practice for football begins next Monday. Expectations are high for all Pirate teams with several good athletes to each team. While some teams have goals of a trip to the state tournament, others are simply hoping to take the next step from last season. Along with team goals, there are individuals in tennis and swimming with goals of making it to state. Many are interested to see how the football team will fare in its new class of Class AA. It promises to be another great fall season and all the fans of the Pirates can't wait to support Crookston student athletes. Let's play!

Don’t just support Crookston festivities, enjoy them
While Crookston may be a small community, it's absolutely packed with things to do! Activities, especially in the summertime, are abundant for kids and adults of all ages. Whether it's a block party, library reading program, Club Kid or Ox Cart Days, to name a few, there is always something going on in C-Town and always ways for community members to get involved. It's vital to support our local festivities and businesses so that we can keep activities, and the city of Crookston, booming and thriving for years to come. So keep your eyes peeled towards the Crookston community-- you may just find a new hobby or group to participate in. – Torrie Greer, intern

Don’t let Wilf lawsuit derail entire stadium deal
No one probably ever wants to be accused of having “evil” motives. That’s right, not just bad motives or negative motives, but actual “evil” motives. And it’s one thing for your dreaded sister to say it about you or some buddy while telling a story over a couple of drinks one night. But when a judge in an official ruling against you says you acted with “evil motives,” well, that kind of stings. That’s what a judge in New Jersey said about Vikings owner Zygi Wilf and his family after a long-running lawsuit filed against them by people involved in a big rental property the Wilf family owned and developed. Here in Minnesota, with a final deal set to be inked on the new stadium for the Vikings, Gov. Mark Dayton and other officials are kind of freaking out, wanting to make sure they don’t get somehow hoodwinked by the Wilfs on the deal. So every speck of fine print in the deal is being gone over with a fine-tooth comb, as the Wilf family sits back and says it’s no big deal. Hopefully, the deal gets finalized without too much added drama.