His observation was spot-on.

    My friend and professional colleague, Dr. John Wiersma, passed over this last week. John’s office was next to mine at the Northwest Research and Outreach Center and I would make it a point to stick my head in and say hi over the years. John was a private man and a dedicated agronomist. My last visit was a couple of weeks back after John had received the news that he was not for long on this earth. John said that on the way home from the Mayo Clinic with his wife Dee, that he was looking at the clouds. “Dan, I never noticed just how pretty they are.” It was a touching moment and I made a point to gaze cloud-ward as soon as I walked outside. And they were gorgeous!

    That was the last time that I conversed with John but saw him a couple of times as he courageously struggled to come to the office and perhaps organize yet another set of plot data. I have since wondered what I would think and observe if I received a similar prognosis. I observe Nature and natural events a lot, but John’s comment makes me more appreciative of the drama and beauty of the cloudscape.