Cheers and Jeers: a successful Night 2 Unite; Jeers... to bad attitudes about the upcoming school year a successful Night 2 Unite

    Hats off to the City of Crookston and the success of "Night 2 Unite.” There were big smiles on children of all ages Tuesday evening at Central Park. The rain didn't stop kids from playing games, having their faces painted or even rolling down the big hill.

    The dunk tank was, again, one of the most popular games. People were excited to see local celebrities sit in the "hot seat.” Some got dunked multiple times in a row, which created big laughter. Another area that drew a ton of people was the petting zoo. There were all types of animals from rabbits to mules, which could be pet or even held by kids. Lots of action surrounded the park, even a fun car chase between Crookston's own police department and the frisky “Blues Brothers.”

    All of the added demonstrations and booths this year showed how this special night has grown. Night 2 Unite has become one of the larger events in town and it is great to see families get out of the house for some fun, and to learn more about their community.

– Jess Bengtson

Jeers... to bad attitudes about the upcoming school year

    With the month of August in full swing, it seems like summer is basically over. The days are getting shorter, the weather is feeling crisp and the school year is looming over the heads of many students, teachers and parents alike.

    Is the upcoming school year really a bad thing, though? Sure, the beginning of the school year means the ending of summer, but it also means routine schedules for kids, after school and extra curricular activities and a chance to see friends that have not been visited in the summer along with, of course, much desired learning.

    It's fine and perfectly acceptable to be disappointed that summer "flew by”; in many ways it did. However, it's not fine to go into the upcoming school year with a bad attitude.

    You'll only be doing yourself a disservice-- so why not enjoy the beginning of something new? You'll enjoy yourself ten times more if you learn to accept the things you cannot change and live in the moment.

– Torrie Greer, intern