It's hard to get near the water anywhere in town to fish.

First off I want to thank whoever had a hand in having the dock in central park built.

    However there is one problem with it. It is NOT handicapped accessible. I am in a wheel chair and went down there Tuesday afternoon to see about fishing from it. When I got there I had to cross about 15 feet of mud and trenches where the rain had washed dirt away. Finally, I got to the dock and saw that there was a ramp and no stairs, whichwas good.

    When I got on the ramp, however, I found it to be super steep. When I went back up the ramp I had to lean forward to keep the chair from flipping backwards.

    That was my last hope of finding someplace I could fish here in town. I can't hop in a car and go to the lake like most people can.

    Does anyone know of someplace here in town to go so I can get near the water to fish?