He says Parks & Recreation officials need to convey accurate information to the public.

    As City of Crookston and Parks & Recreation officials eye very preliminary talks with Crookston Blue Line Club leaders that could potentially result in some or all of the local youth hockey program being moved underneath the BLC umbrella, the current BLC president, Steve Erickson, says it's critically important that accurate information is presented to the public.

    At a recent Park Board meeting, Erickson told the Times, Parks & Recreation Director and Crookston Sports Center Manager Scott Riopelle, while mentioning participation figures for various youth activities and detailing which programs were making money, breaking even or losing money, said the youth hockey program had lost $1,800 last year. It turns out, Erickson said, the actual loss was $325, and all but $20 of that loss was attributable to one bantam-level hockey player and the $305 fee he would have paid at that level, Doug Larson, moving up to the Pirate varsity team for the 2012-13 hockey season.

    "My whole point is that if we're going to put out figures, let's do our homework so we know they're the right figures," Erickson told the Times. "People were coming up to me (after the apparent $1,800 youth hockey loss was reported) saying, 'Geez, what's going on with hockey?' What's going on is that it's not losing $1,800.

    "When the general public reads an article with some important information in it, we can't have people coming back a couple weeks later saying, 'Wait a minute, we didn't lose all that money after all,'" Erickson continued.