What state is the luckiest place on earth, North Dakota or South Dakota?

hat state is the luckiest place on earth, North Dakota or South Dakota?

The Myers’ Newsletter, a monthly investment publication, published a summer special report on North Dakota and reasons to invest in the state’s energy development.

But while the newsletter’s 19 pages are filled with statistics and photos from the Bakken oil fields, the cover boasts an oil-covered headline of “The luckiest place on earth,” and a large photograph of the iconic Mount Rushmore in South Dakota with an oil rig on top of Theodore Roosevelt and headlines about North Dakota millionaires.

The newsletter is crafted by John Myers, an investment adviser living in Canada and son of C.V. Myers, founder of OilWeek Magazine, Canada’s leading publication covering the oil and gas industry, according to its website.

When Myers heard about the mixup with the South Dakota landmark Wednesday, he laughed.

The copy in the special report was written by Myers, but the creation was outsourced, Myers said.

But Myers does do the final proofing on his newsletter.

“I know more about geology than geography,” he said, laughing.

It is the second time Mount Rushmore has been misplaced recently.

Last week, a AAA advertisement for “Great American Vacations” featured a postcard of the presidents with “North Dakota.” The Mid-Atlantic AAA club sent the mailing to thousands of members in Northeastern states.

In the Myers report, he writes to “energy venture capitalists.”
“The Bakken formation is a real place where people are suddenly getting rich overnight,” he writes. “Within a few years, I expect this slice of money heaven will sport more millionaires per square mile than Palm Beach.”