going ‘Crazy’ in a good way. Gina Carolan leaving town. going ‘Crazy’ in a good way

    Cheers for warm summer weather, cool clothes and Crazy Days! Get yourself in gear for a day of shopping, food and fun all day Thursday. Remember to wear sunscreen, drink water and to take pictures of your family and friends during this annual event, that, by the Chamber of Commerce's best guess has been alive and kicking for more than 60 years.

    While you "go crazy" scoring great deals, remember each purchase you make helps to support local businesses. Local businesses in turn support the community through a variety of charitable donations of time, monetary gifts and merchandise. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

– Jaime Jensen Gina Carolan leaving town

    OK, maybe it seems downright wrong to have the words “Jeers” and “Gina Carolan” share the same sentence. So maybe a clarification is in order.

    Gina Carolan and her husband, recently retired UMC flight instructor and pilot Mike Vivion, are leaving Crookston and moving to Montana to be closer to family. They’ve nailed down a house there and are selling their house in Crookston, on Groveland Avenue.

    Best of luck, best wishes and all of that good stuff, Gina, but we’re sad to see you go. (Yes, Mike’s a good guy, too, but for the purposes of this little opinion piece, it’s all about Gina today.)

    Maybe you’ve heard of Gina Carolan and maybe you haven’t. But if you have a dog and you’ve ever used the Crookston Dog Park located in Castle Park, you can thank Carolan, because without her, there would be no dog park. That notion is without dispute.

    She championed the project from the get-go, attending various city meetings to detail her vision. With stacks of money far from handy, city officials told her they liked her idea and wished her the best of luck on her fund-raising journey. By far the biggest expense was fencing, around $14,000 worth. Carolan started leading various fundraisers with her tight group of dog park proponents, and slowly the bottom line grew. The city contributed, too, and a big donation from a dog park supporter finally put the project over the top. What you see in Castle Park is the result, an amenity that seems to get better as time passes.

    Yes, Carolan was also a frequent bringer of treats to the Times’ office, which of course will be missed.

    So, just to clarify, Cheers to Gina Carolan, but Jeers to the fact that she’s leaving us.

– Mike Christopherson