Americana at its best: the Polk County Fair. motorists speeding through construction zones. Americana at its best: the Polk County Fair

It's fair time in Polk County. With roots reaching back to 1894, the Polk County Fair, or Fertile Fair as many of you know it, has been a summer event to look forward to every July for as long as anyone can remember. This year's fair, which started with excited 4-H-ers entering exhibits on Wednesday morning and culminates with a community parade at 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 14, is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Whether you go to see the animals and exhibits, hit up the midway, or simply enjoy fried food on a stick, Fertile is the place to be this weekend. Help keep the tradition alive and going strong. Take time out of your busy schedule to mark yet another year of fair memories with family and friends.

– Jaime Jensen motorists speeding through construction zones

Is it more important to drive fast or to drive smart? Most of us would answer with the latter, but what we actually do compared to what we should do is often reversed. With summer in full swing, construction is more prominent and so are the amount of cars on the highway. Careless speeds and reckless driving occurs despite the warnings by the flashy orange signs and construction suits that clearly depicts a need for slower speeds and safe driving.
Again – is it more important to drive fast or to drive smart? It's not going to matter if you're the first car in a long line of traffic, because we're all in the line no matter what. The need for speed is hazardous to other drivers as well as the construction workers.
The truth about construction is that although it can be an annoyance, it's necessary and it's not an end all-- you certainly wouldn't want to be the one to end it all for another driver or worker. Slow your speeds, hold your tongue and practice patience during construction season – by doing this you will drive safer and smarter in construction zones.

– Torrie Greer, Times intern