If process sticks to timeline, new chief could be named by Aug. 12.

The Crookston City Council is going to try to find a successor to retiring Police Chief Tim Motherway within the Crookston Police Department, and if that process is successful, a recommendation for a new chief could go before the council as soon as Aug. 12.

That was the word at Monday evening's council Ways & Means Committee meeting. In addition to Mayor Dave Genereux, Ward 4 Council Member Hector Santellanes and Ward 2 Council Member Dana Johnson will serve on a committee that will lead the application, interview and evaluation process, along with East Grand Forks Police Chief Mike Hedlund and Bemidji Police Chief Mike Mastin.

City Administrator Tony Chladek said he hopes to conduct interviews by July 29. "If we get a recommendation approved by the council on Aug. 12, that will give the new chief time to get acclimated while Tim is still around," he said.

Motherway, 52, is retiring as chief to take a job with the National Child Safety Council.

Johnson, stressing that she has nothing against any potential internal candidates, wondered why an open search wasn't being conducted from the get-go. She thought that department head searches maybe required an outside search, but Chladek and other council members said internal searches are allowed at the department head level. Fire Chief Tim Froeber, Chladek noted, was hired through an internal process to succeed the retired Richard Rock.

The council has typically in the past hired police chiefs from within, Genereux said, mentioning Motherway's predecessor, Paul Monteen, as the most recent exception.