A compilation of five things the newsroom staff would like to see happen.

Big board decisions

It’s a big week for the Crookston School Board and Superintendent Chris Bates. It’s a big week for residents of the Crookston School District, too. It starts Tuesday evening, when the board and Bates host a public input meeting, at which they’re hoping district taxpayers ask them questions and provide them their thoughts on the $16 million-plus in maintenance and improvement projects staring the district down at the three school buildings and the swimming pool. Then, on Thursday morning, the board will hold a special meeting to decide what to do about the formidable building-related issues facing them. If you have the evening free, attend Tuesday’s public input meeting. Ask them questions, give them suggestions. Then, see what they do on Thursday. Indeed, it’s a big week.

There’s a lot of construction out there, so drive with caution

With construction season in full swing, it is especially important to remember to drive with caution through busy work-sites filled with machinery, chunks of concrete, and most importantly, construction workers. Far too many accidents and injuries have occurred due to drivers not paying close enough attention to where construction workers are located on the roadway. Yes, it can be annoying to have to slow down or sit at a standstill in traffic, but everyone's safety is at stake and it's the law. Besides, all of the mess now leads to better driving conditions when we need them most.

Get out and see the world

Traveling is, for many of us, a relaxing way to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle and routine-ness of our everyday lives. With commercials, mail and friends advertising the beauty of attractions from various cities and states, it can be easy to become dissatisfied with what you already have in your own backyard.  In most any place there are various forms of tourist attractions, or at least local festivals or businesses, some you may not even know about. It's just as easy, if not easier, to explore local attractions than traveling to others. While it can be great to travel and explore new and interesting places, it can be just as rewarding and eye-opening to travel your local area and take in the sights and attractions that are nearby while keeping business in the local area.

- Torrie Greer, intern

T-Wolves keep momentum by signing ‘Pek’

Around a year ago at this time, enthusiasm was pretty high surrounding the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves. The team had signed some intriguing players, and Coach Rick Adelman is among the NBA’s most respected and decorated coaches. Then, once the season started, it was injuries galore, mostly involving Kevin Love, and the team’s bright young core barely played a game as a full unit. But amidst all the frustration, center Nikola Pekovic emerged as one of the most underrated big men in the league. Now, the Wolves, with Adelman and new team boss Flip Saunders, have assembled an even more intriguing roster, a playoff contender. But Pekovic is a restricted free agent, and a coveted one at that. He says he wants to return, the Wolves brass say they want him back. So let’s seal the deal, shall we, and commence with the most excitement surrounding this team’s prospects in around a decade. The team made him an official offer over the weekend; let’s see if “Pek” accepts.

Good luck to Fox Sports 1

If you haven't heard, Fox Sports is joining the 24-hour sports network world and taking on the Worldwide Leader in Sports juggernaut ESPN, it is launching Fox Sports One in August. It's great news for the millions of sports fans sick and tired of ESPN's strangle hold on sports news. Turn on ESPN and you'll get a heavy dose of NBA and NFL. Even with those sports in their offseasons, the coverage is still heavily titled to those two sports. ESPN doesn't give viewers what it wants as it buries other sports and the NHL in its coverage. Sure, NHL is the fourth most popular sport of the four major sports but a big reason for that is because ESPN constantly ignores it in its highlight packages and other coverage. NBC Sports Network does a great job of covering all four major sports, especially on its website, and other sports like golf and tennis. Hopefully Fox Sports One is a success and listens to its viewers and gives it what we want.