Local officers participate in 'active shooter' training on U of M Crookston campus.

    It was a situation where you "hope to never have to use it, but you have to train for the worst" at the University of Minnesota Crookston last week, when the Crookston Police Department and Polk County Sheriff's Office were training in the event of an armed shooter on campus.  

    The first training of its kind held at UMC, law enforcement officers were instructed in tactical emergency response scenarios beforehand and then taken to the campus to gain hands-on experience.  

    "These are very dynamic cases-- as real as it can get," CPD Chief Tim Motherway told the Times. As more and more devastating shootings occur across the country, Motherway said it was important his officers were properly prepared in the instance of a shooter at a local school. "Especially with the tragedy at Sandy Hook, we had to make it a point to review critical instance plans and refresh tactical training," he said.

    The training contained "very dramatic cases, which is the best kind of training; it's the most realistic," Motherway said, explaining how the training included actors and fake weapons along with "simunition," or simulated ammunition. Different scenarios were given to different groups of officers and helped to "refresh and properly train them."  

    This was the first training of its kind at UMC, but local law enforcement officers in the past have conducted similar sessions at other local schools.