Nutrition club combines coaching with line of products.

    It’s an acknowledged fact that there are many ways to eat and live healthier, and a new local business just may be able to help you reach your greatest health potential. Synergy on Broadway, located next to Snap Fitness and declaring its existence with a brightly-colored sign, is an exclusive nutrition club designed to help everyday people reach their health goals with nutrition coaching and products.

    Dillon Fenno, one of the owners of the newest health business in Crookston that is attached to Snap Fitness, hopes that locals will discover Synergy and change their lives for the better, much like he did at a similar business in Duluth. With his own personal weight loss journey and success story, Fenno decided that it was time Crookston needed a business that could help people much like it helped him, citing that “Crookston doesn’t really have a lot of options for healthy meals.”

    Synergy on Broadway opened officially in June, though it has been an ongoing process since at least January of 2012. Fenno did whatever it took to transform the idea of Synergy on Broadway into an actual place, explaining that “[he] came home on weekends between classes and everything and started building up this place [until it was finished].”

    So what exactly does Synergy do?

    “We sit down and meet with people and help design plans with them to help them reach whatever their goals are.” Fenno explained. “What we do is we make people healthy shakes, healthy smoothies; we give them tea that helps them boost their metabolism and give them some good energy, and they also get an aloe, [which is] like a digestive soother. We package it in a membership, so you get the shake, the tea, and the aloe [as a part of] the membership.”

    Available also are energy tablets and free fitness coaching, which is what Fenno specializes in. “I try to teach people healthy lifestyles because research shows that 80% of weight loss is nutrition and 20% is fitness.” Once you have acquired your membership, meeting with the staff is by appointment only to incorporate as much exclusive and personalized time as needed for success.

    Synergy offers protein shakes, smoothies, teas, and aloe. With most products being 100 calories or less and chalk full of protein and nutrients, its easy to stay full, healthy, and focused on your latest health goal at Synergy on Broadway.  

    With current summer specials and the motto “try it before you buy it”, it’s not hard to get started with the energizing products or staff at Synergy. Synergy on Broadway is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and 5 to 7 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.