He outlines 3 objectives he has.

Tim Moe, a social studies teacher at CHS, has been selected as the new Crookston Parks & Rec Youth Hockey Coordinator.

In an email to the Times Moe said, "As the new hockey coordinator there are many things that I will be wanting to work on to bring Crookston Youth Hockey to the level it should be at and to eventually bring section championships to Crookston."

Moe is the third coordinator in three years and succeeds Donovan Haugstad and Ben Parkin, who each held the position for one year.

Moe, a former Pirate head girls' hockey coach and Bantam A coach, outlined three objectives he wants to accomplish in his new position. He said if anybody would like more information on coaching or helping the program in any way to contact him at 289-2467 or timmoe@isd593.org.

"Many of these will come out later as there are discussions with the different hockey entities in town," he said. "But there are three major things that come to mind right now.

"First, is to bring the different entities, specifically the high school, the city, the hockey committee and the Blue Line Club together," Moe explained. "For too long these four groups, while all doing great things for the kids in this community, have often doubled up on some things while neglecting other areas that they think the others are doing. I'm looking forward to working with all of these groups to make playing hockey in Crookston the great experience it should be.

"Second is to get the community more involved, using available media to keep people up to date with what is going on with the program," he continued. "And hopefully using people from the community who want to help whether it is through coaching, officiating, or volunteering in some other way.

"Third, is to bring quality coaching to our kids," he noted. "This is where I need help from the community. Ideally, we would like to get in place a mentorship program where we take people who've had their own kids go through the program and are willing to give back some of their time. We'd also like to get young people involved with coaching before they start their own families and need to spend time with them. When you throw in the resource that is UMC to add in some outstanding college students there is an opportunity to bring great coaches and great experiences to our kids."


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