the City of Crookston for trying to keep mosquito numbers reasonably in check. just doing, instead of maybe doing what you should do. the City of Crookston for trying to keep mosquito numbers reasonably in check

    Even the most devoted animal lover has to find it hard to love mosquitoes. Each summer we dread their return, knowing they will soon be feasting on us, our pets and livestock, and possibly spreading diseases such as Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus as they go.

    As hard as they are to like, let alone love, mosquitoes they do serve a purpose. They are a food source for fish, birds, bats and spiders, which helps keep the balance of earth's ego system. This is all good and well, but it doesn't really turn them into warm, fuzzy creatures in most people's minds.

    The mosquitoes and consequential bites seem to be at an all time high right now, especially after last summer's refreshing, nearly bug-free existence. A local vector inspector recently commented on the pesky little buggers' population being five times it's normal level in some parts of our area. Great. Just great.

    Thank you to the City of Crookston for trying to tame this flock of biting banshees. Although mass spraying may not be good for the environment, it certainly is effective in keeping these terrible little creatures somewhat under control. Thank you for preempting future itchy, ouchy bug bites.

– Jaime Jensen just doing, instead of maybe doing what you should do

    There are two basic categories in life: things you do, and things you should do.  Examples include waking up in the morning vs. making your bed or eating a meal vs. eating a well-balanced and nutritional version of that meal.  Where do good manners fall in your personal slew of categories? Or, whether, should the question be where do bad manners fall?  

    There is absolutely no excuse for rude behavior.  It’s true that everyone has bad days, but do you really want to push your foul mood on someone else, someone you may not even know, someone who may, up until your tainting attitude, could have been having an outstanding day? Words are just a single weapon bad manners use to create chaos. Body language, too, can have an effect and completely convey foul moods and unsuitable etiquette.

    It’s true that this is a free country with civil rights, but there’s also a level of respect and awareness that most people possess towards manners.

    At the end of the day, you’re the one who’s in charge of your behavior towards yourself and others.  However, the next time that you’re having a less-than-stellar day and wish to let off a little steam, try to think about the things you do and the things you should do.
    You may just improve your day along with someone else’s.

– Torrie Greer, Times intern