Renee Rongen and 'The Birthday Club' will discuss female friendship at Crookston Library June 25.

When area author Renee Rongen was growing up, she watched her mother, Sharon Wall, meet regularly with a group of friends who called themselves, "The Birthday Club."  The women all lived in the Crookston area and spent time getting together to visit, support and celebrate each other’s lives and families for several decades.

    In her book, Fundamentally Female, Rongen shared that the women of The Birthday Club were her safe harbors.  “My mom has shared her life with these eight women for nearly 50 years," Rongen said. "They comprise an unlikely group, becoming stalwart friends as they shared rants and recipes, faith and fashion tips (or not), tragedies and triumphs.  They were in a sense, my second moms.”  

    The Crookston Library invites the public to meet the women of The Birthday Club along with Rongen for a discussion on the importance of female friendships throughout the many stages of life.  The event will be held at the library on Tuesday, June 25, beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the Sunroom.