Five things we want to see happen.

Enough talk, just start building the thing already
Maybe Tuesday’s Times will contain the last story of what has become a long line of stories about that pesky Downtown Square pavilion that the city council would like to get built this summer on the property home a long time ago to Crookston Central High School. Hopefully, after this evening’s special council meeting, scheduled so the council can award the project to the contractor who submits the best quote, the media coverage from here on out will consist of photos of construction and details about how the pavilion will be used. And then, let’s hope that it gets finished before Ox Cart Days, so the pavilion can be kicked off in grand fashion.

Kill those buggers
Spray, spray and spray again. That’s what city Public Works crews need to keep doing in reaction to the huge hatch of mosquitoes, made possible by all the recent rains. Now that it’s warmed up and finally looking like summer, the mosquitoes are out for blood, literally, and they’re finding it. In the morning and evening they’re at their worst, and in the shade and in areas protected from the wind, they’re lying in wait pretty much all day, waiting to bite. It doesn’t seem like much when that city pickup comes by and that vapor cloud of mosquito killer dissipates into thin air. But it’s assumed that it’s significantly better than doing nothing. The city sprayed for the first time last week. A couple more sprays this week certainly couldn’t hurt.

Read a good book, before it comes out on the big screen
Books have been transformed into movies for numerous years and it has been a way to reach audiences that might not learn to love flawed characters and plot twists by reading. Reading is and has proven to be an effective and cognitive learning tool and resource for generations and generations to come.  However, it's a commonly-known fact that movie versions of beloved novels do not always follow the book or have the same ending. Seeing a movie version of a book can taint the viewer's impressions of characters and can tell them a part of the story that never really happened, according to the book's story line. Viewers would rather take two hours to see a movie than to read the print version. It's not wrong to see a movie version of a book; often times it can help the viewer see the book in, literally, a whole new light. The next time you see a movie version of a book, however, try picking up the paperback first-- you may just add a new favorite to your book-- and possibly, movie-- collection.

– Torrie Greer, Times intern

Loving to hate the Heat, or hating to love them?
What is it about the Miami Heat that a majority of sports fans can't stand? It has less to do with the kind of people LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are and more to do with how they came together. Every professional athlete free agent signs with a team to win a championship. The problem with the "Big 3" is that they boasted and did not even try to be humble. LeBron famously predicted they would win eight championships together. The Heat are in their third NBA Finals in three years but find themselves one game away from losing two of those three. The San Antonio Spurs are the other side of the coin. They hustle back on defense, they don't sign big-name free agents and they are anything but brash and boastful. Not only do the Spurs not sign big-name free agents, they draft better than any team. Danny Green, who has set an NBA Finals record for most three pointers made, was drafted in the second round and he is making a case for Finals MVP. Game six is Tuesday with the Spurs leading 3-2 after Sunday's 114-104 victory. While we would love the Spurs to finish the Heat off in game six, a game seven would be even better because then we can have more Greg Popovich press conferences, and that's never a bad thing.

Enjoy the sunshine, but be responsible while you do
With the beautiful sunny weather we have had for the past few days, it has been difficult to stay inside. Nothing feels better than kicking back and taking in a few rays. However, it is important to protect your skin, no matter how long you plan on being outside. We all want a healthy summertime glow, but please remember to use sunscreen, with even one with a low SPF, to help banish wrinkles and work toward eliminating the threat of skin cancer later in life.