teaching kids the importance of safety. irresponsible pet owners. teaching kids the importance of safety

    Keeping children safe during the summertime can be a strenuous yet vital task for individuals, caregivers, parents, and the community as a whole.  Safety rules and regulations are important to learn at a young age so that the rules can eventually be implemented and practiced as they grow and become more independent and active.

    It is through fantastic programs such as Safety Town that children can learn and practice safety rules, from being able to depict road signs to knowing how to properly look both ways before crossing the street. It is a great program that not only teaches the importance of safety, but also teaches why safety habits should be practiced and what to do if you're in an unsafe situation and are a first responder. Children are taught how to dial 911, reasons why to dial 911, and what an emergency really is.  Safety officials are brought in to demonstrate safety procedures and to teach kids the vitality of safety rules.

    It is important to  having willing adults and volunteers to teach the next generation the importance of safety procedures and how to respond in any unsafe situation.  

    It is through the time and dedication of these individuals that this program is able to exist and these skills are able to be taught.  These skills will continue to have an effect on the children, the parents, and the community in a positive light, and help to keep the community a safer place.

– Torrie Greer, Times intern irresponsible pet owners

    Whether you are an animal lover or not, it is incredibly frustrating and rather disgusting to have a loose animal tear into trash you have set out for collection or leave droppings on your property.

    It seems every local neighborhood has more than its share of wandering felines leaving nighttime traces of their presence or dogs being "walked" by owners in cars or on bicycles allowing man's best friend to run without a leash, depositing "gifts" as they go.

    According to the City of Crookston website, all pets are required to be on a leash when not in a fenced/enclosed area. While your pet may appear happier left to explore the world on his own time, this is technically against a city ordinance.

    Not only do roaming animals find mischief and cause damage, and leave behind their own special brand of fertilizer for others to clean up, it is dangerous for your pet to wander about without supervision. Your beloved cat or dog could be struck by a car, pick up an illness from eating garbage, or get into a spat with another animal and become seriously injured.

    Do your pet, yourself and the community a favor and keep your animals leashed within city limits. It's the right thing to do.

– Jaime Jensen