If you're looking to buy a lot, build a home or refurbish one, get your questions answered.

    The ongoing Crookston InMotion community stewardship and strategic visioning initiative includes among its many "destiny drivers" some tangible, fairly easy to accomplish goals, but also some things that, by design, more closely resemble wishes and dreams for the future of the Crookston community.

    Put Crookston's first-ever Home Show, scheduled for Wednesday, May 29 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Crookston High School, in the tangible goal category. It was first brought up at a Crookston InMotion committee meeting and was discussed further the last time the entire stewardship team got together, and now it's happening, with a big assist from the Crookston Chamber & Visitors Bureau.

    "We felt this is something we could build into something really worthwhile in years to come," said CHEDA Executive Director Craig Hoiseth. In other words, the initial talk didn't center on hosting the inaugural home show this spring, maybe not even this year.

    But with the City of Crookston and CHEDA working hard to find takers for 17 essentially free home lots along Barrette Street, as part of the Barrette Estates subdivision, Hoiseth said the timeline was amped up. "It was decided to quickly piece something together for this year, as it can be of great assistance to those thinking about taking a free lot and building a house," Hoiseth explained. "Some people like the idea, but simply don't know where to start, and this will provide exactly those type of details."

    As of Tuesday, 11 lots had been purchased for a $500 non-refundable deposit, and six remained.

    "This is kind of a how-to show, how to obtain a lot, how to go about selecting a plan, contractors, appliances, etc.," Hoiseth explained. "We simply want to help people put together a puzzle that can be quite daunting if you haven't done it before."

    Participating in the show are local contractors, plumbers, electricians, building materials suppliers, bankers, realtors, insurers and city officials. They'll have answers to all kinds of questions attendees might have, Hoiseth said, and many participants will offer presentations as well. He also stressed that the show is not just for people looking to build a new home or find a place to build a new home. "If people are interested in refurbishing an existing home, this likewise is a good place to make those necessary contacts," he said.

    If you don't feel like constructing a home at all, the Home Show also has something for you, in the form of tours of the house built this year by a local contractor and the 2012-13 Crookston High School Construction Trades house, as part of a partnership between CHEDA and the school district. The house is located in Evergreen Estates subdivision, across Fisher Avenue from the high school.

    As the Home Show catches on in future years, the goal is to move it to Crookston Sports Center.

    If you have questions about the Home Show, call the Chamber at 281-4320.