Cheers to those who want to make Castle Park the best it can be. Jeers to negative behaviors after a disaster.

Cheers to those who want to make Castle Park the best it can be

Cheers to community members focused on making Castle Park the place to be in Crookston. Years ago, Castle Park was just another green space without any specific stand-out features to draw residents to it. Now, it is on the cusp of becoming a hot-bed of activity, especially in the summer months.

Walking trails, a dog park, a playground, and a unique natural play space are already attracting visitors. With the up-coming addition of a
camping area and splash park, Castle Park will be a place for "kids" of all ages.

The revamping of this public area can be credited to many Crookston area residents that took the bull by the horns and got things done.
Thank you for your continued efforts.

– Jaime Jensen

Jeers to negative behaviors after a disaster

Jeers to those who prey on others after a major natural disaster hits. Looting, to be more specific.

It seems as if after a disaster has occurred in a big city, people come in and try to go through places that have been hit (mainly businesses) and take things that obviously aren't theirs and then, attempt to sell these objects. It happened a lot in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy, and now there has allegedly been attempts of looting in Moore, Oklahoma after Monday's tornado.

Okay, why do people do that? What gives them the right to waltz right in and add to the citizens' misfortunes of losing their homes and livelihood?

If someone has completely lost their home, they sort through the ruins or rubble hoping to find something that was valuable to them, something that could give them hope and help them feel better about rebuilding.

Those feelings are destroyed once they discover that their most treasured items have been rifled through and taken (if they have already looked through their home).

Shame on the criminals that exploit these people. How would they feel if the same thing happened to them?

– Amanda Wagner, Times intern