Can't NDSU just leave well enough alone? What's the point of fixing something that isn't broken?

It was the last day of my eighth grade year at Central Junior High School and I was rocking my usual, a purple Cris Carter jersey and cargo shorts with tennis shoes, and everyone was getting their yearbook signed. In homeroom class we all lined up to have our teacher sign ours. In mine she wrote, "Have a great summer. Learn to leave well enough alone."

It took me a few years to realize it, but I finally figured out what she meant by that when I was in high school.

To this day those words in my yearbook are tattooed in my brain. I will never forget them. I had never heard that saying before but when I did it stuck like glue.

I wonder, have any of the head honchos at North Dakota State University ever heard that saying?

Bison fans and Fargo media have been buzzing since the 2011 national championship about moving from Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) to Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

Stop! Just stop!

If you're a football fan in this area you know that NDSU is the back-to-back defending FCS champion.

Why is a move to the FBS even a thought?

Because FCS heavy hitters Georgia Southern and Appalachian State are making the jump. So, naturally, NDSU has to keep up with the Joneses.

Still, can't NDSU just leave well enough alone? What's the point of fixing something that isn't broken?

Where does it say that you have to do what other schools are doing? Why do schools across the country affect the decision-making of NDSU?

It's all about the Benjamins.

If a conference or division isn't working out for a school I'm all about making the move to something that will work.

There is no doubt that the FCS level is working for NDSU and it is where the Bison belong.

Say NDSU decided to make the jump to FBS, what conference would it join? Would the Big Ten be willing to expand again? Doubtful. Maybe the Bison would join the Sun Belt Conference like Georgia Southern and Appalachian State?

What will be accomplished by joining a conference like the Sun Belt, winning back-to-back Bowls? Yeah, that would be much better than winning back-to-back FCS national championships.

Every college football program is jockeying for the best position. Let's just skip all the rumors and investigations on whether or not a new conference or division would be a better fit. Why not throw every NCAA school into one division?

Every year one school is going to win a championship, and every year we get the rumblings of a school looking to make a jump to a brighter and bigger division.

It's tiring to keep up with. Just leave well enough alone and stick with what is working.