People say time after time that being a senior is so relaxed and one the easiest parts while being in high school.

People say time after time that being a senior is so relaxed and one the easiest parts while being in high school. It's the last homecoming game that you will get to be apart of either being on or off the field. It’s the last dances that you get ready with your friends and those big group pictures that the moms are more excited about than you are.

    Being a senior means that you have your last, first home and/or away games for athletes, the last speech you'll be giving in front of judges or the last scene of a play that you have been working on for so long. Senior year is the year to have your last big moments as one group before we all have to grow up.

    The one thing that seniors from the past forgot to mention to each upcoming year of seniors is that you get terrible senioritis towards the second half of the year and you will approach high stress levels. The first couple of months we seniors like to have fun, show up to class, and do the homework.

    We start filling out applications to apply to the schools that we have dreamed about going to since we were kids, touring universities every weekend and having your parents put their input on which school they think is best. It’s a huge relief when you get that acceptance letter you were hoping you would get.

    After Christmas break is when seniors like to become lazy. We start getting the excuses on why we didn't finish our assignments or why we didn't show up for school or a certain class. Everyone thinks we can just coast through everything and it's a senior thing to just do nothing. We get closer to the end of the year and teachers assign bigger projects worth more points than most assignments that are given to us. In reality we don't end up starting those projects until the day before the whole project is due.

    For girls, the senior prom is one of the highlights of the year because you get to find that perfect dress, pick out the best accessories and hair styles, get your date and his tux together and be all dolled up with your high school friends for the last time. Trust me that piles on to the stress of being a senior. Just when you think you have everything done and you can finally relax for a while, don't forget you have your graduation reception to plan. You also go to a photography studio or photographer to get those senior pictures taken and choose which ones you like best. You have to make your invites and figure out who you want them to go to and some people like to have wallets made and pass them out to their friends. Finding over 100 addresses or more will literally drive you insane. The next step is to have your graduation reception figured out; what location, what time, and when will it be happening. You have to plan on how many people will be attending and decide which foods you want to be served. The decorations can be a pain in the neck because you want certain things to match and girls want bright colors with pictures everywhere.  The guys just let their parents or guardians figure out the hard stuff.

    The thing that everyone looks forward to in high school is graduation! Being with your class one last time as a group and getting your name called as you climb the stage and receive your diploma will be one of the best accomplishments in your life. The life of being a senior can be so relaxed and easy, but stressful at the same time.