Cheers to the continuation of the Highland School sixth grade Itasca camping trip. Jeers to bad drivers.

Cheers to keeping the sixth
grade Itasca trip tradition alive

Cheers to Crookston Public Schools for continuing
the tradition of sending Highland
School sixth graders to Itasca State Park for the
39th year! In a time when school districts are
forced to cut back in many areas, it is a joy to
see this highly anticipated field trip experience
live on.

Anyone who attended sixth grade at
Highland and had the opportunity to camp at
Itasca has many memories to share. No matter
the weather conditions, it was a great experience
filled with fun, friends and firsts, such as
the traditional "night hike" and playing campfire
games, including "Darling, I love you.” Yes,
some mischief took place, but so did a lot of
learning and an expanded appreciation for

Kudos to the teachers who, over the years,
braved taking overly-excited groups of
"tweens" out into the woods and managed to
not only teach, maintain control, cook, and prevent
serious campfire injuries, but to also instill
life-long memories into the minds of their students.
You are a courageous lot! Thank you.

– Jaime Jensen

Jeers to bad drivers who make
the road no fun for anyone else

Jeers to bad drivers. No, seriously. We're not
talking bad driving conditions, we're talking
about the drivers themselves who cause the
nightmares on the roadways for every other
driver on any given day.

There are the drivers who feel the need to cut
in front of another car quite suddenly, such as
when a driver is in a median waiting to get
onto the highway and decides to not wait and
pulls in front of a car a little too close for comfort.
You also have the driver who insists on
turning into the farthest lane instead of the
closest one, which is law. Then there's the driver
who rides the center line and endangers the
car in the second lane.

Are there really more important things to
focus on when driving than paying attention to
what's going on around you? You are always
supposed to stay alert out on the roads. If you
can't remember to check your mirrors when
attempting to get into another lane or look both
ways before pulling into an intersection, you
might as well get a refresher's course in driver's

Careless driving should not be worth someone's

– Amanda Wagner, Times intern