Barb Hager-Olsen will be featured on Monday.

    Note to readers: Several longtime teachers and staff in Independent School District 593 have recently retired or are retiring. The Times has attempted to reach out to all of them in order to feature profiles of each retiree leading up to Friday evening’s retirement celebration at the Eagle. Today, retiring teacher Jon Bittner and retiring staff member Kathy Wagner are featured. Some thoughts from retiring kindergarten teacher Barb Hager-Olsen will be featured on Monday.

Jon Bittner
    Q: How many years have you been employed by District 593?

    A: Finishing my 28th year

    Q: What is your role within District 593? Has it changed throughout your tenure with Crookston Public Schools?

    A: Social Studies Teacher at CHS:  Past Department recent years 10th World History and 12 Government and the past 9th Civics and Government and 10th World History, plus some "singletons" such as an odd Geography or US History...this all depended on our enrollment....I also coaches hockey, football and girls golf...After my 1st year at CHS, I was "RIF'ed" and was hired as our districts first EBD teacher...I believe at that time I was the 3rd Special Ed teacher (along with Kathie Miller and Kris Derosier)...

    Q: What is your most memorable experience during your career in Crookston?

    A: Every day is memorable...working with kids individually or as classes/teams...every day and every hour is different

    Q: What advice would you give to the person who has to fill your shoes?

    A: Oh, I don't know...advice, from me???  Really???!!!!  LOL   :)

    Q: What are your plans for retirement?

    A: Because I'm a rookie at this, I have to learn how to do my new job of "retirement"...I have no previous experience at we will take on this challenging task "one day at a time"...LOL  :), until I figure things out!  :)...I do want to connect again with old friends as our paths and families have taken ourselves in different directions and focus...same with relatives, I will have the time to reconnect with them as, do some things around the house that need attention and chase the boys and Jo around wherever the winds might take them....

    Q: Please feel free to share any additional comments you would like to express to the community, co-workers, past/present students, etc.

    A: I'd like to thank the tax payers (past and present), the faculty, staff and administration as well as all the students and athletes I have had the opportunity to serve in the 4 districts I have had the pleasure of working with from EGF to Hallock, to Warroad and now Crookston.  Thank you for your trust and confidence in my working with our district, kids and teams over these many years!

Kathy Wagner
    I have worked for District 593 for 29 years.  I worked at Highland Elementary School from 1984 through 2001.  I then relocated to Washington Elemetary School where I have worked for the past 12 years.

    My most memorable experience during my career was that of receiving the IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) Administrative Professional of the year award.

    The advice I would give to the person who replaces me is: Be friendly, gracious and approachable.  The Administrative Assistant is one who is the "PR" for a builing, a receptionist both in person and on the telephone. This person sets the "tone" for the building.  I would urge this person to enjoy the joys of working with small children.  They are our most precious asset.

    During retirement, I plan to spend some relaxing time at our lake home and do lots of reading.  I look forward to enjoying time with family and friends and to spend some special quality time with my grandson, the "apple of my eye".

    I would like to thank the faculty and staff of District 593 for the loyalty and dedication you provide our district.  I have watched many students achieve their "academic best" due to your passion for educating each student to their full potential.