Cheers to all those involved in the Fargo-Moorhead flood efforts. Jeers to people not washing their hands after handling their business. going above and
beyond in the flood fight

Cheers to the personnel in Fargo and Grand
Forks for going over and above in protecting
their cities during this year's flood fight.
When the Red River started rising, Fargo
began to build up clay dikes over 40 feet, based
on the National Weather Service's early predictions,
and last week East Grand Forks crews
started putting up the "invisible flood wall"
because the Red was still projected to reach 46

Thankfully, the river rose to a point that
posed little threat in both areas. This has
brought up a few questions, such as: Was it
really necessary to spend the money to build a
dike at such a height that was obviously not
needed now? Why waste the time to put up the
flood wall? Why did the NWS predictions end
up so differently? The answer to the last one is
fairly simple: there has rarely if ever been such
a late thaw before.

So, the NWS did the best they could to predict
the flood levels and adjusted as everything
progressed (most years, flood crests are adjusted

Do you think it's safe to wait on setting up
protection while the river rises? Absolutely not.
You prepare for worst, and hope for the best.
Fargo and the Grand Cities did what they
thought was best, no doubt about that. unsanitary individuals
who insist on spreading germs

Jeers to people who don't wash their hands
after using the restroom. Seriously? Hand
washing is not a new concept. Without any
research into the topic, one can be fairly certain
that, at one point in life, proper hand washing
techniques were introduced to you, no matter
where in North America you hail from.
Additionally, it is with utter confidence one
can say that whomever shared hand cleansing
techniques with you did not instruct by saying,
"Oh, and by the way, never wash your grubby
mitts after using the bathroom. That would be
pure foolishness."

This hygiene offense is barely tolerable when
children "forget" to wash their paws, but when
adults leave a restroom without so much as a
glance toward soap and water, it becomes

Please keep your germs to yourself by spending
some time at the sink, using plenty of soap
and warm water, before touching anything

The rest of us and your body thank you for
your thoughtfulness.