Featured today: Ann Riedlinger and Renee Fisketjon

    Note to readers: Several longtime teachers and staff in Independent School District 593 have recently retired or are retiring at the end of the current school year. The Times has attempted to reach out to all of them in order to feature profiles of each retiree in the newspaper leading up to Friday evening’s celebration honoring the retirees at the Eagles in Crookston. Starting today, Wednesday, and continuing through Friday, the Times will publish information by those who have responded. Today, retiring Food Services Director Ann Riedlinger and elementary teacher Renee Fisketjon are featured.

Ann Riedlinger
    I have worked for the district 32 years. I started as head cook at Crookston High School August 1980. In 1991 I was given the position of food service director.
    I have many experiences, not just one favorite:
    • When Crookston was capitol for the day, we served a brunch with the governor in attendance and had our pictures taken with him.
    • Moving to the new school.
    • When migrant summer school was still being held, the moving of of the pots
and pans etc. to the site and then at the end moving it all back.
    • The water break at the high school, also the one at Highland.
    • Many things students have said through the years.

    My advice to the person who takes over:
    ▪ You will never please everyone.
    ▪ Don't sweat the small stuff, everyone is human and everyone make mistakes.
    ▪ Attend the various workshops and classes, they are so helpful.

    I don't have any specific plans for retirement. I want to attend some of my grandchildren's school programs. Eventually, I want to obtain a part time job so I can stay busy.

    The school district has been a great place to work for, the majority of students have always been polite. Working in the kitchens has always been more fun than sitting behind the desk. I thank the staff for allowing me to work with them at times.

Renee Fisketjon
    I started working in School District #593 in 1976.  I spent six years as the elementary librarian, being responsible for the school libraries at Eugene Field, Lincoln, Carman, Washington, and Franklin.  Then came budget cuts.

    I was ofered a job as a second grade teacher since I had a double major in library science and elementary education from the University of North Dakota.  For the next 31 years I have been a second grade teacher.  I was lucky enough to not have to switch grade levels.  I spent 27 years at Washington School and the final four years at Highland Elementary School.
    One of the best parts of the job has been the staff that I've gotten to work with, especially the second grade teachers.  We've always shared ideas and worked well together.

    I plan to spend more time at the lake this summer, babysit some for our grandson, and probably cry next fall when all the teachers are getting ready for the start of the school year.  While our sons were in 4-H we did many different community projects and I'd like to get involved with some of them again.