The excel individually and as a team.

Crookston's 5th Grade Math Masters Team competed in Bemidji on April 26 and came home with awards and medals.

    The Math Masters organization is based on research concerning the characteristics of mathematically gifted people and the traits of eminent mathematicians.  

    The program challenges students to use critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities in mathematics, while recognizing academic effort and achievement.  

    In 2013, more than 5,000 students are expected to gather at more than 44 sites to complete individually and as teams.  

    These competitions are the culmination of special preparation during which students work to improve their math skills.

    Tests materials are carefully prepared by math department faculty members at St. Cloud State University.  Eight rounds of problems cover the following mathematical areas:

    • number facts/order of operations
    • numeracy/properties of numbers
    • geometry/time/money
    • statistics/probability/counting
    • decimals/fractions/percents
    • charts/graphs
    • sequences/series

    The event includes an individual fact drill round, four individual problem-solving rounds, and three group problem-solving rounds with teams members cooperating over the solutions.

    The competition lasts approximately three to four hours, including short breaks with snacks.

    Awards earned at the Bemidji competition on April 26:
    Fact Drill and Order of  Operations:  (out of 159 students)
    • Ben Branter: 16th
    • Emily Gillette: 8th
    • Leyton Salentine: 18th
    • Quinn Westlake: 9th
    • Walker Winjum: 14th

    Individual problem-solving: (out of 159 students)
    • Leyton: 14th
    • Quinn:  17th
    • Walker: 24th

    Team problem-solving: (out of 32 teams)
    • Highland 5th grade Math Masters came in 7th place.