McFarland says more than just good grades are necessary to get in.

Crookston High School’s highest junior and senior academic performers have been inducted into the National Honor Society. NHS advisor, Spanish teacher Christie McFarland, said students need at least a 3.4 GPA to apply for NHS induction. But grades aren’t enough, she said, adding that their life experiences, service contributions, character and leadership are also taken into consideration.

Class of 2014 inductees include Blake Bergeron, Mariah Frisk, Victoria Greer, Mickayla Johnson, Amber Trostad and Carly Welter. Class of 2013 inductees include Rosa Argueta, Jacob Egeland, McKaela Larson, Erica Samuelson and Dylan Wavra. Class of 2013 sustaining members, all seniors, include Isaac Loegering, Cyrina Ostgaard, Abbie Anderson, Lilli Denison, Katie Davidson, Sydney Luckow and Samuel Miller.