Cornerstone of Professional Building to be given to Historical Society.

    The Polk County Commissioner's met on Tuesday, April 16 to discuss a number of matters pertaining to Polk County business and residents.

    • Phillip Greer of Tri-County Community Corrections and several corrections personnel were commended for their service as the commissioners declared May 6-10 as Tri-County Correctional Officer's Week. Correctional Officer's Week was established in 1984 by President Ronald Regan to recognize those who work behind the scenes in law enforcement, security, education and care.

    • Stuart Christian was reappointed as chair to the Sandhill Watershed District Board. Christian has served on the board since 1999.

    • Nancy Schafer, Director of Polk County Emergency Management, provided a flood update saying, "During the last weekend snow, we added 3/4" to 1" of water content to the snow pack. The ground is frozen about two inches down, leaving what is thawed completely saturated with water. This could be a problem with additional snow or rain this week." Additionally, Schafer mentioned this week is 911 Dispatch Appreciation Week.

    • Polk County Human Resources Coordinator Linsey Rood spoke about taking applications for an IT summer intern. The position will be limited to a maximum of 400 hours and will pay approximately $10 per hour.

    • The Polk County Professional Building project is now complete. Chuck Whiting, Polk County Administrator, expressed his appreciation of the quality of work of all contractors involved. Plans are in the works to seed the area with grass once the weather warms up.

    • The cornerstone of the former professional building will be given to the Polk County Historical Society for safe keeping, but the county will retain ownership rights.