Ticket deadline is April 16, so you'll have to hustle.

    The Valley Ridge Chapter, International Association of Administrative Professionals, is hosting a "Live, Laugh, Love" Seminar to kick off Administrative Professionals Week (April 21-27).  The spring morning getaway will be held on Saturday, April 20, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Golden Link Senior Center in Crookston.

    The $15 tickets will be available until April 16 and can be purchased from Chapter members, Montague's Flower Shop or by contacting Carol at 281-6846.

    All persons attending the Seminar will share in Certified Laughter Teacher/Leader Sue Thompson's Laughter Yoga presentation followed by a morning break.  After the break, attendees will have a choice of either crafting a candy bouquet with crafter Tiffany Hoyhtya or meeting with Marge Burnstead to learn tips and tricks to trace their ancestry.

    Administrative Professionals Week honors office professionals for their job in bringing all of the elements of business together into an organized and unified whole.  For the past 61 years, IAAP has been committed to advancing the fact that office professionals are valuable members of their business teams.  The work they do is technical and demanding.  They link human, financial, and technical resources.  At the center of every well-run office is a well-trained office professional.

    To learn more about Administrative Professionals Week and how your office can mark the occasion, visit iaap-hq.org.