Cheers to sandbagging volunteers stepping up yet again...Jeers to those who insist global warming exists. hordes of sandbag volunteers showing up yet again
    As evidenced by the sandbag preparations in Fargo, when disaster strikes in our corner of the world, we really know how to come together to take care of business. A lack of volunteers is rarely an issue. People go out of their way, without a second thought, to help strangers. This good-heartedness, so common in people of the northland, is certainly something to cheer about.

    With the prospect of spring flooding changing daily in our area, many communities are busily preparing for a "worst case scenario.”         

Whether rivers crest in April, May, June or July, area residents will be ready, at a moment's notice, to offer assistance to those who need it. Thank you in advance to everyone who will so willingly step up to the plate.
– Jaime Jensen

Jeers to those who still insist on global warming
    Jeers to the individuals who still actually believe that there is such a thing as "global warming.”

    The earth itself has been naturally warming up since the Ice Age (obviously); that is certain. But to think we are causing harm to the planet, based on the amount of natural disasters, and their severity, in the world is ludicrous.

    These believers must have never looked closely at weather history. If it were true, there would be more frequent active hurricane seasons in the Atlantic such like the year in which Katrina hit (named storms going through the entire alphabet and then some). There would be more severe weather in the summer in the Plains.

    Instead, the entire notion is being contradicted. Hurricane seasons have been slower in the years since Katrina. The entire country has been in a drought. And in case nobody noticed, winter is sticking around for a little longer in Minnesota.

    One of the last times there was snow into April was 1997. This can only mean one thing: weather goes in cycles.

    Have you heard of the Super Tornado Outbreak of 1974? Does the Dust Bowl ring a bell? Thought so. if anyone thinks otherwise, they are fools.
– Amanda Wagner, Times intern