Also, longtime staff members Riedlinger and Murphy retiring.

    Well, Crookston students, that's not so bad.

    After having six days of school cancelled since January because of winter storms, students in the Crookston School District will have to attend only one additional day of school, on Thursday, May 30.

    The Crookston School Board this week approved Superintendent Chris Bates' recommendation to add the single day of instruction. The last day of instruction was to be Wednesday, May 29. Now, it will be the next day, and a teacher workshop on Friday, May 31 will remain scheduled as is. As part of Bates' recommendation, at some point during the summer, teachers will be required to participate in two days of staff and peer development. The days won't involve actual workshops, Bates said, but instead will have various grade/peer/department groups in the three schools getting together. The logistics of those two days will be coordinated by the building principals.

    As it became apparent as more storm days piled up late in the winter that one or more days might be added to the school year, some teachers voiced concern about adding the days to the end of the calendar, when the weather outside is nice and kids are restless. There was some talk about adding days around the extended Easter holiday break, but Easter has since come and gone.

    "I think this plan adds minimal disruption to that week," Bates said.

    Board member Dave Davidson endorsed the recommendation, especially the staff development part. "I think this is a really, really worthy plan that addresses teacher development and professional development and doesn't cost us anything," he said. "And it might result in a more productive school environment."

    The board accepted the retirement letters from longtime Food Services Director Ann Riedlinger and longtime Speech Pathologist Helen Murphy.

    “Both have given many quality years to our school district and I think that needs to be noted,” Davidson said. “I appreciate their work over all these years and it’s been nice to have them as employees.”

    Board member Adrianne Winger added that Murphy worked with her son on minimizing a lisp. “There arre a lot of kids out there that she has helped,” she said.

    Bates said finding successors for Riedlinger and Murphy will be important hires. “People you hire for these positions tend to stick around a while,” he said.