Ostgaard a first alternate to compete at state meet.

The Crookston High School Speech team had a very successful subsection meet taking place on Saturday, March 23.  Twelve of the Crookston speakers placed, and seven of the speakers moved on to compete at sections. 

    The results at subsections were as follows:

2nd Alternate to Sections
    Charles Brantner- 6th place, Extemporaneous Reading
    Megan Frisk and Madison Crane- 6th place, Duo

1st Alternate to Sections
    Marietta Giest- 5th place, Extemporaneous Reading
    Luis Argueta- 5th place, Humor
Moving on to sections
    Torrie Greer and Lydia Shafer- 4th place, Duo
    Isabel Rodriguez- 4th place, Original Oratory
    Cyrina Ostgaard- 4th place, Creative Expression
    Gabi Ostgaard- 4th place, Informative
    Callie Boucher-4th place, Storytelling
    Kari Gillete- 4th place, Humor

     The section meet took place on Tuesday, April 2 and of those competing from Crookston one speaker placed. Cyrina Ostgaard managed to make finals in Creative Expression. She took 4th place at the section meet and is 1st Alternate to compete at the State Meet held on April 19-20.