Fund-raisers, business donations make it possible.

    At the end of the 2011-2012 school year, the Highland Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) purchased projectors for several classrooms at the school. This purchase ensured that all general education classrooms at HES were equipped with a projector.

    The PTO has had fundraisers throughout the school year and has had donations from area businesses so these purchases could take place.

    “I use my projector multiple times per day.  It has been a wonderful tool to help engage learners,” said third grade teacher Andrea Ingersoll. “The projector can be used to model how to create a document on the computer. It has been used to share video clips of different science processes and social studies presentations.  We also use a document camera, which needs the projector to work, as a way to show student work, read picture books, model processes in math and reading and point out different text features.  

    “Having the projector in my classroom has allowed students to present their powerpoint projects to the class and parents as well,” Ingersoll continued. “Students are very excited to do this and have shown improved engagement in projects and daily work because of the projector.”

    Fourth grade teacher Bethany Bratlie said the projectors are enhancing student learning.

    “I think the biggest perk of the projectors is to be able to show videos that enhance learning,” she said. “One of the ‘aha’ moments we had was when reading a non-fiction article comparing Sundew plants and Venus Fly Traps.  I was able to pull up YouTube videos to show the kids actual footage of the two plants in action. Most of my students knew what Venus Fly Traps were, but none had heard of a Sundew.  You could see the excitement on their faces. The videos really made the text come alive. The kids still talk about it and I wouldn't have been able to show these videos without a projector.”

    Students are digging the new learning tool as well.

    “The projector gives us something other than the whiteboard to look at,” said sixth grader Yash Kapoor.

    “I like being able to take notes off the projector because they are printed out and not just written on the whiteboard,” said student Trey Barker.

    “I like watching videos on the projector instead of on the TV,” added sixth grader Morgan Hoiland. “You can also look at things on the Internet and the whole class can see it.”