The Pirate boys’ tennis team started the season Saturday by beating Duluth Marshall 4-3 and losing 6-1 to both Apple Valley and Duluth East in Duluth.

Playing with an eighth grader and five freshman, the Pirate boys’ tennis team started the season Saturday by beating Duluth Marshall 4-3 and losing 6-1 to both Apple Valley and Duluth East in Duluth.

"We had a couple kids that didn't go which makes a difference in the lineup," Pirate head coach Mike Geffre said. "Five freshman and an eighth grader makes you pretty young on the court. For the first time out we played pretty well. In the Virginia scrimmage on Friday it was pretty close. If we would've kept score it would've been 3-4 or 4-3."

Geffre said Duluth East would be a good matchup for Crookston with its full lineup, while Apple Valley is a force.

"Against Duluth East we had some really good matches," Geffre noted. "Apple Valley is just really good. They are pretty tough. With everyone in our lineup we feel we could compete with Duluth East. All in all, it was not bad. The kids competed very well. Sean Williams had a tough match against Marshall. He was up 9-6 and it went to tiebreak. It was 6-6 in the tiebreak and Sean missed a volley and the kid hit the net cord on match point to win."

The Pirates got some key wins from its young guys.

"Bobby Tiedmeann had a big win against Apple Valley at two singles," Geffre noted. "Andy Gregg beating Duluth East at three singles was huge."

The Pirates are scheduled to host Bemidji in a dual Tuesday, April 9 at 4:30 p.m.

Crookston def. Duluth Marshall, 4-3
1st singles - Jack Dodd (DM) def. Sean Williams, 10-9 (8-6)
2nd singles - Travis Vatthauer def. David Waltz (DM), 10-4
3rd singles - Matt Garmen def. Ryan Hardington (DM), 10-6
4th singles - Tom Wellinski (DM) def. Jordan Bengston, 10-2
1st doubles - Ethan Mercil & Bobby Tiedemann def. Max Bartell & Isaac Kranzer (DM), 10-6
2nd doubles - Kal Salentiny & Andy Gregg def. J.B. Stender & Mark Skramstead (DM), 10-3
3rd doubles - Joe Hodne & Kyle Wondek (DM) def. Jake Joesch & Nicholai Broekemeier, 10-8

Duluth East def. Crookston, 6-1
1st singles - Pedar Norr (DE) def. Sean Williams, 10-3
2nd singles - Ryan Astraylig (DE) def. Bobby Tiedemann, 10-7
3rd singles - Andy Gregg def. Mark Holiday (DE), 10-9 (7-4)
4th singles - Henri Lagirate (DE) def. Tim Cymbaluk, 10-6
1st doubles - Michael Lagirate & Andrew Zimmerman (DE) def. Ethan Mercil & Travis Vatthauer, 10-7
2nd doubles - Martin Schneider & Luke Holiday (DE) def. Matt Garmen & Kal Salentiny, 10-3
3rd doubles - Brent Engblom & Tony Rich (DE) def. Jake Roesch & Jordan Bengston, 10-0

Apple Valley def. Crookston, 6-1
1st singles - Colton Johnson (AV) def. Travis Vatthauer, 10-5
2nd singles - Bobby Tiedemann def. Clay Olson (AV), 10-9 (8-6)
3rd singles - Brian Better (AV) def. Kal Salentiny, 10-4
4th singles - Franhil Kelly (AV) def. Nicholai Broekemeier, 10-0
1st doubles - Robert Jacobson & Jacob Bierman (AV) def. Sean Williams & Ethan Mercil, 10-1
2nd doubles - Carter Nelson & Steven Will (AV) def. Matt Garmen & Andy Gregg, 10-5
3rd doubles - Paul Nasseth & Erik Gunderson (AV) def. Tim Cymbaluk & Jake Roesch, 10-0

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