On being a hero, lame April Fools Day pranks, the Masters, Gophers men's basketball, and MLB's Opening Day...

Be a hero, learn CPR
Have you ever wanted to be a hero? On April 11 you'll get your chance, as RiverView will be giving a class on CPR. Everyone should learn how to do CPR, not just those required to have a license. It’s almost time to head to the lake, so it is essential that at least one person in a party know how to perform the procedure if anyone should fall into the water and go under for a certain amount of time. Actually, people should make it a point to take some kind of first aid class in general for learning basic life-saving skills, and more than once in your life, because you could easily forget how to do something. What if you need to perform the Heimlich maneuver? Would you know how to do it properly? Make the time to go to this CPR class and make it a priority to also take first aid training so you know how to save lives if the time comes.-Amanda Wagner, Times intern

Enough with the lame April Fools mischief, it’s time to get real
It's April Fool's Day. Has anyone played a silly prank on you yet, such as turning up the volume on your car radio or replacing your cup of coffee with a glass of water? When did April Fool's Day turn into a celebration of executing semi-lame ideas? You may get a kick out of having your jacket turned "mysteriously" turned inside out and that's okay, but wouldn't it be great to be caught by a joke that you really fell for, or better yet, be the person who pulls off the ultimate trick? Let a movement begin toward real April Fool's Day mischief. Time to start planning a strategy for next year...

Anticipating ‘a tradition like no other’
Yes, the Masters can be a bit much. It can get a little too pompous and full of itself. There’s that soft, delicate piano music CBS plays at every possible chance. There’s announcer Jim Nantz calling it “a tradition like no other.” They won’t call the crowd the crowd, but instead, they’re the “patrons.” The pine needles under the trees? That’s “pine straw.” The rough isn’t even the rough, it’s the “second cut.” Oh, and let’s not get started on the actual members of Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia and their green coats and ancient attitudes about things like what women are allowed to do, and what not. But the Masters is about an amazing golf course, an amazing field of the world’s best golfers, and, if you’re a viewer, a wonderful lack of TV commercials that adds up to more than 50 minutes of golf coverage each hour over the four days of the tournament. We’re a week away from the start of Masters week. Now fire up that pretty piano…

Don’t panic, Gopher Nation
So it’s panic time, right? The University of Minnesota Athletic Department brass that decided to fire Tubby Smith didn’t get their top choice, Shaka Smart, and their second and third choices either took other jobs or are staying put where they’re at. Now their apparent fourth choice, former Timberwolves coach and Gopher player himself, Flip Saunders, said no thanks, too.  A Pioneer Press sports columnist on Sunday called Saunders’ rejection “embarrassing.” Oh, come on. They’ll find a coach who will be happy to come here, and he’ll be sort of an up and comer and maybe even know how to scheme up a reasonably successful half-court offense, which Tubby seemed to struggle with. The new coach might even be able to develop players…you know, so a senior is better than he was when he was a freshman. Tubby struggled with that, too. Don’t freak out, Gopher fans. We’ll get someone who doesn’t exactly reside at the bottom of the barrel.

MLB’s Opening Day is great, but let’s not forget the Wild are playing some great hockey
Hooray for Major League Baseball's opening day. Everyone is excited for the boys' of summer to hit the diamond, but let's not forget it's still hockey season and Minnesota is home to the Northwest Division-leading Wild. Also, while we never want to see a player get injured, Sid "the kid" Crosby went down in a heap of pain over the weekend after taking a puck to the face and underwent jaw surgery and is out indefinitely. Crosby's Penguins, who lead the Eastern Conference, will almost certainly not be able to keep their exceptional play without him. The Wild have won eight of their last nine games and seem to be finding their mojo at the right time with the regular season in its final month.