Latest wet snow increases concerns about overland flooding.

    During the Polk  County Commissioner's meeting on Tuesday, Sheriff Barb Erdman and Polk County Emergency Manager Nancy Shafer spoke about flood preparedness for Crookston and the surrounding area.

    The chance of major flooding in Polk County has increased since February due to above average levels of new snowfall. The newest snow has an extremely high water content. With a thaw not expected until mid-April, spring rain could add up quickly on the frozen ground, causing overland flooding.

    "We are waiting to see what kind of spring thaw we will have, but need to be prepared for possible flooding," Shafer said. " We still need to count the sandbags we have in storage, but first a large snowdrift needs to be removed to give us access."

    As in past years, there will be sandbags available for those in the Crookston area. If you are in need of sandbags, call the Sheriff's Office at 281-0431 to arrange pick-up. The pricing policy remains the same - you may be charged for the number of sandbags you take at some point in the future. Please use discretion when deciding how many you may need.

    Area townships who need help filling or placing sandbags should contact the Polk County Sheriff's Office, as volunteers may be readily available.

    According to Shafer, "Crookston will be in a fairly good position because the lower Red and upper Red water levels are low due to drought. The only concern would be if spring rains come earlier than expected."

    The Polk County Sheriff's Office will remain in close contact with the County Commissioners. Both groups are prepared to act quickly, if necessary.