It looks like we have the Easter and Twins topics covered...oh, and March Madness.

Take the time to be with family
Easter is a holiday that has a way of sneaking up on us. Maybe it is because it is on a different day each year or maybe it is due to the busy season, but it  seems to be easier and easier to sweep this particular holiday under the rug. Yes, there are many people who celebrate the day due to its religious history, but others may see it as just one more event they have to plan. If you are part of the later group, take a moment to recognize how long it has been since you've spent quality time with extended family and friends. Was Christmas your most recent attempt to get everyone together? Time with those you love is important. You never know the path life may take, leaving you wishing you had spent just one more day with a grandparent, parent, or special friend. It's not too late to plan a gathering for this weekend. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just make certain you take time out of cooking and cleaning to truly enjoy those around you.

‘Summer’ pastime?
Ah, spring. Sure, looking outside you don't see it, but it's here. With spring's arrival, one of the most exciting sports is starting up: baseball. Opening Day is March 31, on which the Texas Rangers will play the Houston Astros. Monday will have several games also, including the Twins opening at home. MLB has had this trend of early games going on for a while now. Is that really smart? Many cities across the country have had cold temps recently. What fun is it to sit in a parka in an outdoor stadium watching baseball, a summer pastime? It would be nicer if they could push it back to the first full week of April. That would give the chance for things to warm up. If the league is concerned about the World Series being too close to Thanksgiving, surely they could figure out a different way to conduct the postseason.
– Amanda Wagner, Times’ intern

More brackets busted
Busted! No, we're not talking about the latest baseball star to test positive for performance enhancing drugs. We're talking about your bracket, everyone's bracket. Every year the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament seems to find a bigger, yet smaller, Cinderella team. Gonzaga was the original Cinderella years ago but they an evil No. 1 seed this year and have been upset by Wichita State. Oregon, a No. 12 seed, and La Salle, a No. 13 seed, are also in the Sweet Sixteen, but there is no bigger Cinderella than Florida Gulf Coast, a No. 15 seed and the first to ever make it this far in the tournament. We hope this Cinderella tale and others keep going into the Final Four.

Hunt some Easter eggs
It’s an early Easter again this year. Had Easter been in March last year, it would have been ideal conditions for the children to head on outside for a good, old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. But as things stand this year, the snow is still piled up like mountains out there, and it’s not like it’s going to melt en masse in time for any Easter family gatherings this weekend. So, why not get a jump on things and bring the little ones out to the University of Minnesota, Crookston Tuesday evening for the campus Easter Egg Hunt? There’s more than just the hunt to put smiles on their faces, too, there are games and other activities as well. It would be nice if lots of families from the community at large came out, instead of most of the children participating being the offspring of UMC employees.

We’re gonna win, Twins?
We’re a week away from Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, on which the Minnesota Twins will take the field in Minneapolis in temperatures that are expected to be south of 40 degrees. But it’s too late now to ask why no one paid a little extra for a retractable roof on Target Field, so let’s instead worry about the product on the field. The team is rebuilding – even though the team’s brass would never admit that. But after two disastrous seasons the team has no choice but to rebuild. With Mauer, Morneau and Willingham, the team is going to hit and score runs. But, don’t buy the hope, this pitching staff is in shambles. Vance Worley, acquired from the Phillies, was supposed to be the Opening Day starter, until stinking it up in his last spring training start. The rest of the staff seems to be inconsistent at best, with minor league talent, or rehabbing from injury and not ready to help the major league squad until well into the season. This could be scary, Twins fans.