Read below for complete season results.

The Crookston High School Speech team has had a very successful season this year, and are hoping for luck at subsections in East Grand Forks next Saturday. The team started off the season by getting third place at the EGF Varsity meet and ended it by getting third place at the RLCC varsity meet. Those in grades 7-9 are eligible for novice meets. The team also held its first ever novice meet, which they also took third at.  
    Members of the speech team include 7th graders - Luis Argueta, Presley Chandler, Merran Dingmann and Callie Boucher; 8th graders - Megan Frisk, Isabel Rodriguez and Elise Tangquist; freshman - Charles Brantner, Marietta Geist, Ariel LaPlante and Alex MacGregor;   sophomores - Madison Crane, Kari Gillete, Gabi Ostgaard and Sarah Palmer; juniors -Torrie Greer and Lydia Shafer, and; seniors - Cyrina Ostgaard.
     The head coach is Phyllis Hagen and the assistant coach is Gaye Wick.

Season results
EGF Varsity Meet – 3rd place
Frisk/Crane: 1st place-Duo
C. Ostgaard: 1st place-Creative Expression, Superior ribbon-Prose
Shafer: Superior ribbon –Humor
Greer: Excellent ribbon-Extemporaneous Reading (Ex. Reading)
Gillette: Excellent ribbon-Humor

DGF Varsity Meet
MacGregor: Excellent Ribbon- Storytelling
Crookston Novice Meet
Argueta: Superior ribbon-Humor
Dingmann: Superior ribbon-Humor
Boucher: 3rd place- Storytelling
Frisk: Superior ribbon-Humor
Rodriguez: 2nd place- Original Oratory (O.O)
Brantner: Superior ribbon-Ex. Reading
Geist: 3rd place- Ex. Reading
MacGregor-: Superior ribbon- Storytelling

Fosston Varsity Meet
Rodriguez: 3rd-O.O.
Frisk: Superior ribbon-Humor
Frisk/Crane: Superior-Duo
Shafer/Greer: Superior-Duo
Shafer: Superior ribbon-Humor
Greer: Excellent ribbon- Ex. Reading
G. Ostgaard: 2nd Place Inform
C. Ostgaard: 3rd place Creative
MacGregor: Superior ribbon-Storytelling
Crane: Excellent ribbon- Inform
Gillette: Excellent ribbon-Humor

DGF Novice Meet
Argueta: Superior ribbon- Humor
Dingmann: Excellent ribbon-Humor
Boucher: Superior ribbon- Storytelling
Frisk: 3rd place- Humor
Geist: Superior ribbon- Ex. Reading

Park Rapids Varsity
Dingmann: Excellent ribbon- Humor
Gillette: Excellent ribbon- Humor
Greer: Excellent ribbon- Ex. Reading
Shafer: Excellent ribbon- Humor
Shafer/Greer: Excellent ribbon-Duo
Ostgaard: Superior Ribbon (Finalist)-Prose, 5th place (Finalist) – Creative

EGF Novice
Argueta: Excellent ribbon-Humor
Dingmann: Superior ribbon-Humor
Frisk: Superior ribbon-Humor
Rodriguez: 3rd place- O.O.
Tangquist: Superior ribbon-Humor
MacGregor: Excellent ribbon-Storytelling
Bemidji Varsity Meet
Brantner: Superior ribbon (Finalist) - Ex.Reading
Gillete: Excellent ribbon- Humor
Shafer/Greer: Excellent ribbon- Duo
Greer: Excellent ribbon-Ex. Reading
Shafer: Excellent ribbon-Humor
C. Ostgaard: Superior ribbon-Creative, Excellent ribbon-Prose

Thief River Falls Varsity Meet
Frisk/Crane: 6th place-Duo
Frisk: Excellent ribbon- Humor
Rodriguez: 3rd place-O.O.
Tangquist: Superior ribbon-Humor
Brantner: Top Novice -Ex. Reading
Geist: 4th place- Ex. Reading
MacGregor: Top Novice- Storytelling
Frisk/Crane: 6th place- Duo
Gillette/C. Ostgaard: Superior ribbon-Duo
Gillette: Superior ribbon- Humor
C.Ostgaard: 3rd place- Creative, 5th place Prose
Shafer/Greer: Superior Ribbon-Duo
Greer: 6th place- Ex. Reading
Shafer: 5th place-Humor

RLCC Varsity Meet
Argueta: Superior ribbon- Humor
Dingmann: Superior Ribbon- Humor
Boucher: 5th place- Storytelling
Frisk: Superior ribbon-Humor
Rodriguez: Superior ribbon-O.O.
Brantner: Superior ribbon- Ex. Reading
LaPlante: Superior ribbon- Prose
MacGregor: 4th place- Storytelling
Gillette/C. Ostgaard- Superior ribbon- Duo
Gillette: 5th place- Humor
G. Ostgaard: 5th place- Inform
Shafer/Greer: 4th place-Duo
Greer: 5th place- Ex. Reading
Shafer: 6th place-Humor
C. Ostgaard: 3rd place-Creative, 3rd place-Prose