Cheers to some old-school dancing, Jeers to stubborn distracted drivers.

Cheers to students learning how to dance beyond the Harlem Shake, or grinding
    Cheers to high schoolers for learning how to dance "old school" style.

    What does this mean, exactly? Students at Fargo North High School have recently been participating in swing dancing classes as part of intramural activities. It's being taught in part so that when prom comes around, the students will hopefully be dancing in an appropriate manner.

    If you've ever been to a high school dance in recent years, you may have noticed during faster paced music that some kids are dancing a little too suggestively with their partners, doing things such as grinding. Chaperones have taken notice, as it is highly inappropriate for high schoolers to be acting in such a way.         

The adults at Fargo North are getting a good handle on the issue. They are teaching the upper classmen that dancing can be fun without turning up the sex factor. It appears that the kids enjoy doing the flips and whatnot.         

More districts should offer this, and not just have it be part of a dance stint in their physical education classes.
– Amanda Wagner, Times’ intern

Jeers to the dangers of distracted
driving apparently not sinking in
    Jeers to people who text while driving. While this topic may seem to be in the news far too often, it apparently isn't sinking in for a portion of the population.

    Texting while driving is ILLEGAL in Minnesota for a reason - it distracts drivers and accidents happen injuring or even killing innocent people.

    With the high snowbanks around town and unexpected icy patches on roads as they thaw and refreeze, texting while driving becomes even more dangerous. You can be even less certain of the road conditions you are facing, which is what you should be concentrating on rather than letting someone know when you will arrive, or even worse sharing the latest gossip.

    Why would you risk your life or the lives of people you around just to send a "quick message"?

    Please, please use common sense and pull over if you need to text. Do your part to make our tumultuous world a little bit safer place to be.
– Jaime Jensen