He stabbed his father, Jerome Abel, to death in their shared apartment.

    Jacob Anthony Abel, 28, a Crookston resident who pleaded guilty to murdering his father, Jerome Abel, 58, at the Broadway Apartments in Crookston a little more than a year ago, was sentenced Friday, March 15 in Crookston. Abel, who was subject to competency and mental evaluations during the court process, won't serve his time in prison, however, and will instead be sent to the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter, Minn.
    Abel, who was originally charged with first degree murder after the February 5, 2012 fatal stabbing of his father, entered into a plea agreement, which resulted in reduced charges against him and a reduction of the maximum possible sentence.
    Abel's sentence consists of 306 months, 102 of which will be spent under supervised released. He will be granted a credit for 405 days served since his arrest.
    Abel was also ordered to pay $36,263 in restitution and be willing to submit a sample of his DNA. He will not be allowed to own a firearm for the remainder of his life. He has lost the right to vote or hold public office until these rights are these rights are restored by the court.