Goal is to simplify message, what’s being done and what could be done so it’s easier for Crookston residents to rally around

    In a Tuesday meeting at Valley Technology Park, the Sustainability Committee, a component of the Crookston InMotion community stewardship/strategic visioning initiative, listened to a presentation by Dr. Dan Svedarsky, University of Minnesota, Crookston professor and director of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department and Center for Sustainability.

    According to Svedarsky, "sustainability is built from the inside out," meaning it starts with what already exists and expands upon it. His presentation detailed the many facets of sustainability, ranging from energy efficiency and water quality to growing and selling local foods. He explained how these concepts relate to Crookston now and in the future.

    As the group discussed Svedarsky's presentation and the ideas they are currently pursuing  to make Crookston a more environmentally-friendly city, the big question was, "How do we market the sustainability we are doing right now?"

    Several suggestions were offered up, including displaying illustrations of plans in prominent Crookston locations or producing pamphlets to hand out to the community. Mayor Dave Genereux mentioned the need for an event to depict sustainability concepts, where the public could experience demonstrations and hands-on activities. "Although a ‘green event’ of this kind will not be possible this year," said Genereux, "It may be something that could become an annual event in the near future.”