Kelly says another goal is to reduce flooding in street corners once melt fully commences.

    Have you noticed a difference in the way the City of Crookston has been removing large piles of snow in your neighborhood? If you live in the north end of the city, you may be grumbling about giant snowbanks interfering with your view of oncoming motorists at intersections. South-enders might be feeling a sense of surprise that their miniature sledding hills are disappearing more quickly than usual. Rest assured, there is a reason behind it all, no matter which side of the coin you are on.

    "This year we have chosen to start clearing corners for sight distance in lower elevation areas, including the Woods, Sampson's Addition and Jerome's Addition," Public Works Director Pat Kelly told the Times. "Since these areas typically have more street flooding, we want to be able to open up catch basins as quickly as possible once the big melt hits. We are starting in the middle and working our way out."

    Rest assured, all areas of town will be tended to. Baring any additional snow fall and plowing needs Kelly expects to have the majority of Crookston's corners cleared by the end of next week. With Crookston expected to receive at least a couple more inches of new white stuff later in the week, crews might have more work cut out for them.