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A peek at 2nd St. corner
Talk about downtown these days, or read about it in the paper, and most of the conversation has been dominated by the Downtown Square. That’s rightly so, one could conclude, since it’s a pretty cool amenity, after all, and a lot of people have a lot of really good ideas. But there’s more going on downtown as well. At the city Ways & Means Committee Monday night, Public Works Director Pat Kelly is going to discuss a “site plan” for the corner where the Wayne Hotel once stood. Will there be some greenery? A parking lot? What else? Gary Stegman’s mural idea remains a possibility on the wall, or maybe something a little different will take shape. The Small Cities Development Program grant will soon show itself, too, as rehabilitation projects involving downtown storefronts and rental spaces commence.

Thankfully, the NFL has no off-season
As they say, "the NFL has no offseason." With the combine behind us, mark your calendars for Tuesday at 3 p.m., which is when the free agency and trading periods begin. Vikings fans are hoping for a big splash at wide receiver, on the defensive line or in the secondary. Any one of those three positions require improvement if the Purple are going to take the next step and advance in the playoffs. The free agent class doesn't have many game-changing players but there are a few who would make a difference for the Vikings, namely, wide receivers Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings. General manager Rick Spielman's philosophy is to build from the draft but you can't ignore free agency either. It's time the Vikings take a note from the Wild and make a huge splash.

Let’s ‘spring’ the melt
OK, so we sprung the clocks forward over the weekend, and the actual spring equinox is less than two weeks away on the calendar, so let’s get the spring melt started, huh? Seriously, the white stuff is really piling up out there and it would be nice to commence with some shrinkage of the snow pack. Last year around this time the snow was really high, too, and then we had a stretch of balmy weather and it was all gone in around three weeks. We don’t need anything quite that extreme this time around, since the sun is at its most intense this time of year and can do a lot of melting even when it’s only in the mid-30s. But we do need something to get us psyched up, even if it’s these giant snowbanks blocking our views at all these intersections getting a little smaller.

Time to spring clean
Even with a weather report of possible snow again this week, spring fever is in the air. Once again, it is time to clean out your closets in an effort to determine your spring and summer wardrobe needs. Remember the rule: If you have not worn something within the last year, it is time to let it go. As you weed through treasured favorites and "what was I thinkings", please consider donating good condition items to a local non-profit thrift shop. Not only are giving to a great cause, but you can feel good about sharing your unwanted items with someone who will be more than happy to have them. Besides,you never know what you might find if you take a look around. Who can resist a great bargain?

We lost an hour, literally, but let’s make every moment count
It was Time Change weekend this past weekend and everyone lost an hour of sleep. Many times it messes with us for a while as we try to adjust our routines and such. Time, however, is like that in general. Sometimes the days just crawl on by but others go lightning quick. The latter really seems more applicable, as it is already the second full week in March, but the New Year feels like it just started. Many people like that fact, but there are those who don't. People appear to be so busy these days and don't take the time to appreciate the small moments in life. We can't just wish our lives away like this. We are always losing time. Let's just slow it down a bit, shall we? – Amanda Wagner, Times intern