Equipment, staff cost around $1 million a year, Fosston commissioner says

During the Polk County Commissioners meeting this week, Commissioner Warren Affedlt, of Fosston, expressed his opinion regarding technology and taxes. Affeldt mentioned that many concerned citizens ask him why property taxes continue to be on the rise. His answer - technology.     

When Affeldt was elected as a Polk County Commissioner a number of years ago, he said, technology was not a specific piece of the county budget. Money for fax machines and computers were factored in to department budgets and never seen as a separate item. Times have changed, he said.  Software, hardware and payroll for technology staff now adds up to almost $1 million a year and will continue to grow as the county looks to add a fourth technology-based position, an MIS director.

The money for the technological needs that allow the county to remain a functional entity has to come from somewhere, Affeldt said. According to Affeldt, this is where county residents' property tax money is going and will keep going as technology continues to advance.