Dean M. Johnson, 47, to be released from prison March 11, is moving back to Crookston.

    A Crookston man convicted of criminal sexual conduct is being released from prison on March 11 with plans to return to Crookston.     

   Dean Melvin Johnson, 47, is considered a Level Three Predatory Offender, which requires law enforcement to host a community public notification meeting. That meeting will be held on Thursday, March 7 beginning at 6 p.m. in the Crookston High School auditorium.

    Johnson, described on a fact sheet provided by the Crookston Police Department as being 5’ 10” tall and weighing 173 pounds, has been in prison for approximately the past year, Police Chief Tim Motherway told the Times Monday. At one point he was considered a Level Two offender, but he violated his probation, was sent to prison, and was upgraded to a Level Three offender, which means law enforcement considers Johnson a significant risk to re-offend.

    According to the fact sheet, Johnson lived on the 800 block of Marin Avenue in Crookston when he was found to be in possession of many computer images of child pornography, mostly of females around the age of 10 engaged in actual or simulated sex acts. Johnson was not known to the victims.

    The fact sheet also indicates that Johnson is not wanted by the police and has served his sentence. The notification is not meant to increase fear in the community, but to simply inform the public of Johnson’s return to Crookston.
    At Thursday’s meeting, representatives of the Minnesota Department of Corrections and the CPD will be available to provide information on Johnson and on public safety in general.

    A Level Three predatory offender is considered the highest risk to reoffend. When a Level Two offender relocates to a community, statute requires that establishments and organizations that primarily serve individuals likely to be victimized by the offender (such as schools and daycare centers in the event children have been victims) be notified. When a Level Three offender such as Johnson plans to relocate in a community, the public notification meeting is required.