Fund needs $50K balance by this summer

The bottom line fund balance of the Crookston Area Community Fund continues to grow as local individuals, businesses and organizations make contributions. But CACF Advisory Committee member Laurie Wilson said plenty of work remains to be done.
    The CACF balance got a major boost when Titan Machinery of Crookston and Crookston Implement each donated $2,500. Thanks to an Otto Bremer Foundation grant, Wilson said both contributions will be matched 100 percent, and an additional 10 percent match will be made by the Northwest Minnesota Foundation.
    Fertile/Beltrami, Warren, Stephen, Fisher and Crookston also have new community funds in place, but Wilson said Crookston has the most dollars remaining in order to achieve the $50,000 goal by July that would be enough to establish a CACF endowment.
    “The endowment will fully benefit the community into the future as grant opportunities become available on a regular basis from earnings on the endowment,” she explained, adding that another round of grant opportunities is forthcoming.
    If you’d like to make a donation, large or small, contact Wilson, Tom Jorgens, Bill Anderson, Angel Hoeffner, Jim Snyder, Allan Dragseth, Dave Genereux, Andrew Svec, Dennis Koch, Dale Knotek, or Betty Arvidson.