Fund-raising kicks off with Lions Winter Tailgate at Monday’s Pirate basketball game.

Get ready for a big splash this summer! A committee headed by Ann Longtin and co-chaired by Shirley Iverson has formed with the intent of bringing a splash park to Crookston. Working in conjunction with the Crookston Park Board, the committee hopes to have a fun, free, family recreation site available as soon as possible after the weather warms.

What is a splash park? Popular in many communities, including Grand Forks which will be completing their third location this summer, a splash park is a zero depth pool environment suitable for people of all ages. An array of water features at the park spray attendees with the push of a button, providing a waterfall to run through or a fountain to jump on among other water-filled actions.

At this time, an exact location has not been set, but the proposed splash park will be located in a Crookston city park. Highland and Castle park are currently frontrunners.

The biggest hurdle to cross on the road to a community splash park is, of course, cost. In modeling the Crookston splash park after an existing park in Grand Forks, costs come out to approximately $200,000. It is the hope of the splash park committee to reduce this cost by asking for volunteer help during the construction phase. In the meantime, Ann Longtin asks, "for the community to come together and pull this off."

The first fundraiser scheduled to benefit the splash park is being sponsored by the Noon-Day Lions. They have planned a free will offering tailgate event prior to the Pirate girl's basket ball game on Monday, February 18. Other fundraisers will be planned throughout the spring. Several area businesses have also committed to financially helping to make this dream a reality.

Those interested in giving of their time, talent, or contributing a financial gift can contact Ann Longtin at 281-1970 or Shirley Iverson at 280-2854.