Dedicated volunteers make program possible.

Junior Achievement is now underway at Highland Elementary School!

    The success of the Junior Achievement Program is dependent on the many business and community volunteers listed below who shared their time and talents working with the teachers in the classrooms.

    Thank you for making a difference!

    Thank You 2013 Junior Achievement Sponsors & Volunteers:

    Shannon Stassen – Crookston Chamber of Commerce; Nick Schindele - Ziegler Cat; Kelly Doda – NW Mental Health Center; Dana Johnson – Polk County Justice Center; Tony Chladek – City of Crookston; Adrianne Winger – Climax Public School; Linda Morgan – Crookston High School; Dan Wolpert – Presbyterian Church; Kari Moe, Holly Anderson, Stacey Bruggeman, Carrie Michalski, Jean Tate – RiverView Health; Tammy Sykes, Jan Aamoth – Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP); Michelle Christopherson, Peter Phaiah, Chris Winjum, Tricia Sanders, Courtney Bergman, Dana Trickey, Eric Morgan, Janessa DeBoer, Marsha Odom, Becky Wittrock, Travis Wuori, Rachel Halligan, Elizabeth Busch, Samantha Hinz, Alyssa Schneider, Amy Van Treeck, Carly Rothstein, Rachel Johnson, Larissa Olson  - University of Minnesota, Crookston-Faculty, Staff & Students.  A special thank you also goes to the teachers at Highland Elementary School and Lela Olson, Principal for letting us bring the Junior Achievement curriculum into their classrooms.

    Junior Achievement volunteers come from all walks of life.  Business people, parents, and grandparents, have volunteered their time to be role models to students, helping connect education and the working world.

    Junior Achievement enhances the social studies curriculum by involving volunteers from the community to go into the classroom and teach prepared (user-friendly) lessons in economics.  They also teach lessons in character and promote volunteerism by example. JA is another opportunity for students to learn about careers and the working world first hand.  Recent studies show, students who had consecutive years of Junior Achievement scored 27% higher in economic literacy, compared to students who did not have this opportunity.

    Junior Achievement is a partnership between business, community, and education helping kids understand concepts of economics.  JA teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and workplace skills, using materials that are fun and relevant.  JA has been in existence since 1919, changing with the times, reaching over 4 million students in the United States and more than 5 million young people worldwide.

    This initiative has been collaboration between the Crookston Chamber of Commerce, UMC, and RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) which has been partially Grant funded by the Northwest Minnesota Foundation.