On Ice Buster Daze, the snow, the snow again, Percy Harvin, and Valentine's Day...

Could Ice Buster Daze get even bigger and better?
If there’s a post-event meeting to officially put the wraps on this past Saturday’s 10th Annual Ice Buster Daze, or even if there isn’t such a meeting, a whole bunch of pats on the back are warranted for everyone who put the event on this year. Certainly, the extremely favorable weather had something to do with the record numbers who came out to run their snowmobiles on the Red Lake River and try to catch some fish, but if it wasn’t a good event, the masses wouldn’t come out to participate. When Ice Buster Daze first started a decade ago, maybe the organizers thought it would be around for 10 years, or maybe they didn’t. No matter. It now has 10 years under its belt, with no sign of letting up. Can Ice Buster Daze get even bigger and better? That seems like a reasonable goal now, to make it a major regional draw.

Yes, embrace the snow
   Yes, it’s approaching mid-February, so, yes, most of us are sick to death of winter by now and want things to green up and warm up as soon as is absolutely possible. But, you know what? We’re in the middle of a drought here, and every flake of snow that falls can only help to ease that drought. Rivers are at record lows, lakes are at record lows and water tables are low. It’s not like, with all these new levees, we’re going to face a major flood threat around these parts come the spring melt, so we might as well have a positive attitude in these coming weeks as winter slowly gives way to spring, even if those weeks feature a fair amount of the white stuff. And it wouldn’t hurt if April lived up to its reputation and brought with it some spring showers. You know, so we get those May flowers.

Or maybe don’t embrace snow
Well, we have had yet another weekend snowstorm that has interfered with a weekday in some form. Cities all around the region are blowing out their yards, measuring anywhere from 5 inches to over a foot. Highways are getting plowed for what seems like the tenth time this winter. With that being said, can the winter storms just stop for a while, or maybe for the season? Area schools have been cancelled again, and for some districts, it's the third time. This means that if there is another storm this year, vacation time will be taken away or a day will potentially be added to the end of the school year. It can become quite a hassle, sometimes. Actually, snowstorms are problematic for anyone wanting to get work done or go somewhere. So, enough with the 35 mph winds. But, snow is still welcome...in doses. – Amanda Wagner, Times intern

Make a decision on Harvin’s future with the Vikings
As they say in the NFL, there is no offseason as fans and media eat up every ounce of off the field news during the months there are no games. Following the season, the Vikings major headlines were seven Pro Bowlers and Adrian Peterson's MVP. Now, it's Percy Harvin, who the Vikings are actively looking to trade. That news, reported by WCCO's Mike Max this weekend, was surprising to fans after the Vikings had told everyone that the team's relationship with Harvin was just fine. Apparently Harvin threw a fit in front of the coach Leslie Frazier and the team during the season. If Harvin doesn't want to be in Minnesota, cut ties and trade him for something worthwhile. Package him with a first rounder to get Larry Fitzgerald or some other big bodied veteran receiver to help out Christian Ponder.

Even if you don’t have a significant other, make others smile on Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. For many people thoughts of roses, chocolates and romance float dreamily through their heads. For those in starry-eyed relationships with a significant other, these sweet nothings are but a few days away. For the rest, in particular single women, the passing days this week only bring you closer to a day of dread. Like many holidays, Valentine’s Day has become a highly commercialized. Retailers send not so subtle messages that you should, in fact, have a special someone to purchase a teddy bear and candy hearts for. It is easy to get the blues if you aren’t going to be the recipient of champagne and strawberries on February 14th. If you are spending Thursday without a significant other this year, make a pact with yourself that you will not get depressed and wallow in sadness. Don’t take out your unhappy attitude on others. Instead, try to think positive. Choose someone close to you to be your Valentine and do something special for them. Your mom, dad, grandparent or best friend will not only be surprised, but you might find the day just a little easier to get through knowing you caused someone else to smile.