Cheers to AP, Jeers to mysterious rise in gasoline prices.

Cheers to AP’s approach to greatness
    Cheers to the individuals who display humility and modesty when they achieve greatness. As many of you know, the Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson won the NFL's Most Valuable Player this past Saturday.

    During his speech, he had this whole "aw, shucks," kind of thing going on. He thanked his father for teaching him the game of football and his mother for his speed. Most notably, he thanked God for getting to where he is now. Peterson also thanked his teammates and coaches for their help.

    Sure, you can say that celebrities do this all the time during thank you speeches. But there is something that stood out as very sincere and humble while Peterson made his.

    Also, while the highlights of those nominated were playing, it showed Peterson talking to Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers, saying "You're the best, too.” That just shows a lot of class.

    Adrian Peterson really is the most valuable, in any aspect.
– Amanda Wagner, Times intern  

Jeers to gas prices making us pinch our pennies
    Gas under three dollars a gallon? It seemed to good to be true. And it was. Just when it looked like a break in gas prices had finally come your way, prices started to climb, reaching national average of $3.53. That is a 17 cent hike in a little over a week! Once again, it is necessary to drop fifty dollars or more just to fill your tank.

    Why the jump in prices you ask? Who really knows? There are plenty of excuses floating about. From several refineries being shut down for maintenance and plants starting to shift over to making summer blend fuel which is more expensive to Wall Street anticipating the economy is about to pick-up, the "reasons" seem endless. Where does the truth lie?

    One thing you can count on is the price at the pump continuing to rise in the coming weeks. Lower prices appear to be a bleak prospect for the next several months. Experts predict the money an average American household will spend on gas in 2013 will reach a 30 year high.

    Unless you are close personal friends with a magical gasoline fairy, it is time  to start budgeting for fuel and planning how to cover as many errands as possible in a single trip. Good luck and keep an eye on the ground for any lost change. The long forgotten nickel you pick up means you have five less pennies to pinch.
– Jaime Jensen, staff writer